Art of Trolling


No Judging Allowed!

monkeys texting - 7819841536
Created by Unknown

What? You Asked!


I Give Up!

dating relationships sexting texting sexy pics - 7952179200
Created by Unknown

One Emotion: Mad

one direction texting g rated AutocoWrecks - 7686451712
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Guy sends woman inappropriate comment asking what kind of penis she likes and she proceeds to troll him

Woman Epically Trolls a Creep Who Won't Stop Sending Her Inappropriate Messages On Facebook

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Laundry Day

autocorrect laundry parenting texting - 8124475136

I Give Up!

texting - 8208664064


Chemistry texting - 8269903360

How True Friends Respond to Texts

best friends texting - 8015855616
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No Grandma, c0caine Does You

drugs grandma texting tweet dating - 8461951232

It's Okay J-Law, You've Still Got Your Oscar

dating celeb jennifer lawrence texting - 7952120064
Created by Unknown

When You Have Gullible Friends...

star wars texting - 8397884416

Will Also Take CFO or COO

dating texting rejected - 8185431552

Pro Sexting

man milk sms texting - 6619975680
Created by BananaScrambler

Is There Something We Need to Talk About?

parenting texting - 8416943104
Created by Jakyirvine

Don't Forget to Flip the Bird

Turkey texting dating - 8974162944
Via @bluewhiteeheart
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