Art of Trolling


Oh the late night randoms...

police department texting - 7685325056
By Unknown

PSA: Don't Ever Let Your Friends Get a Hold of Your iPhone

iPhones texting - 8013291776
By Unknown

You Get the Idea!


Do You WANT Me to Die, John?

pizza dying texting john - 7651920896
By Unknown

The Whole Package!

relationships texting dating - 7675478528
By freshbru

Tell My Wife I Love Her

Aliens uber texting - 8381449216

Nyoom? Nyoom!

phones parenting texting - 8168319232

My Kids are Monsters!

old people sign texting - 6359633920
By Unknown

No Judging Allowed!

monkeys texting - 7819841536
By Unknown

Siri is So Shocked That She Can't Manage Any Words

siri texting iphone - 7862018304
By Unknown

What? Just Being Honest!

texting arizona - 8287832576

Can You Put a Little Conditioner on the Napkin?

texting that looks naughty - 5949086208
By Unknown

Criminal Masterminds

texting - 8005617920
By Unknown

I'm So Lonely

virgin texting - 8397657088

She'll Be Scrubbing Toilets Until She's Dead

late parents texting - 5536290816
By kittypoowuvsyou

Dank Memes Did 9/11

Via Brown Cardigan
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