Art of Trolling


If He's so Famous, How Come I've Never Heard of Him?

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By bglokk

The Revenge of Moth

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By Unknown

Funny, You Think It's an Accident

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Via Tastefully Offensive

I See Why You Don't Answer

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Talk Dirty

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By freshbru

What Did You Do!?

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By Unknown

Dat Ass...Wait.

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By freshbru

Troll Girlfriend

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By tuurkishdelight

99 Problems But A Goat Ain't One

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By freshbru

Do I Make You h0rny Baby?

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Via sassykardashian

This was a triumph

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By Unknown

iCan Not Lie

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By freshbru

Star Bros

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Via Tastefully Offensive


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By Unknown

So Apparently My Phone Number Is Someone's Dead Mom's...

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By Unknown

I'll Just Drive Around the Block a Few times

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Via Pleated Jeans