Art of Trolling


Nah Bro, That's Just What I Wanted to See

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By Trevor

It's Because I Want to Touch Your Butt

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By Unknown

When My Mom Is Out of Town

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Via Tastefully Offensive

With a spoon?

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By Jegordon1

Do You Have A Boyfriend?

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By freshbru

Too Hood for You

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Via Sofa Pizza

Like Father Like Son

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By therealsonic

Oh, I know this one...

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By Curugon

Forever Alone

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By Unknown

Dirty =/= Gross

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By assafb

Gay Fever

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By Anonymous

Oh, It Is

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By Unknown

Living under a rock

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By DevonSaini

Breaking My Contract

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By RodenyStrong

In One Direction She Goes

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By Unknown

Moving Too Fast

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By Unknown