Art of Trolling


Nah Bro, That's Just What I Wanted to See

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By Trevor

Wow, I Hope Not

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By Unknown

Fappy Schlickmas!

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By Unknown


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By ThunderCougerFalconBird

Funny, You Think It's an Accident

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Via Tastefully Offensive

Don't You Miss the Rain Here?

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By Unknown

Listen to Your Hart

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

It's Because I Want to Touch Your Butt

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By Unknown

When Somebody Actually Wants Your Fake Facts

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Via TwerkingTractor

Sex with Ex?

sms exes murder - 6680880384
By freshbru


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By Unknown


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By FatRage

Living under a rock

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By DevonSaini

So Apparently My Phone Number Is Someone's Dead Mom's...

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By Unknown

I Just Wanted to Say Hi

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By LeLittleLukeh
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