Art of Trolling


Dat Ass...Wait.

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Created by freshbru

Getting in touch with the feminine side

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Created by knobnucker

Moose on the Loose!

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Created by Unknown


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Moving Too Fast

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99 Problems But A Goat Ain't One

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Created by freshbru

Dirty =/= Gross

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Created by assafb

With a spoon?

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Created by Jegordon1

I could quit my day job with income like this!

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Created by sean0507 ( Via )

Batdog to the Rescue!

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Via Text From Dog

Out of Texts for the Month

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Glenn and I

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Created by Unknown

Re-Trolled: Can't Wait to See a Humpback

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Created by Danielle.Alexandra


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I Always Knew That Was Code for Something

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Star Bros

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Via Tastefully Offensive
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