Art of Trolling


If Atheism Isn't Evil, How Me a Scientist Learned Terrorism?

chick fil a chick fil-a facebook science terrorism - 6511458048
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poop science Yahoo Answer Fails - 3228367872
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Seems Kind of Difficult, TBH

image science parody Seems Kind of Difficult, TBH
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NASA Successfully Landed a Really Clever Joke

image win science NASA Successfully Landed a Really Clever Joke
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Mormons Wouldn't Ever Beat Watson

Jeopardy magnets Mormon Chat science - 4555038976
Created by TehVict

I Would Have Died in Infancy

Death IRL science - 6103582464
Created by Fawfulster
science optical illusion Video - 83936769

Watch This Video for an Explanation on How Optical Illusions Work

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But the Science! It Calls to Me!

microwaves science food - 8277089792

IRL Troll: Test Troll Success

IRL school science test - 4682419968
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The Universe is a Magical Place


No Space for You Here, Hawking!

science stephen hawking - 6950481408
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Home Alone science Video - 84307713

Find Out If a Human Could Survive the Traps in Home Alone

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Shifty, Shifty Atoms

school signs science Chemistry - 8397880832

Quick Grab Some Acid!

glass science - 7127184128
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Ho-Ho-Higgs Boson

higgs boson santa science youtube - 6413519104
Created by TTHtv104

Damn It, Ken

comments sun science - 7061647360
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