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In Coat We Trust

atheists science the internets - 7900047104
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Still Wish He Was My Dad

daughter Neil deGrasse Tyson science twitter - 5597135360
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Wow Scienec is Magical

science Neil deGrasse Tyson - 8381421312

Tyra Banks Isn't Qualified to Host Anyway

higgs boson science - 6398690560
Via sagansense

When Science Class Becomes Meme Class

image science overly attached girlfriend When Science Class Becomes Meme Class
Via That_Male_Nurse

Science makes more sense!

facebook health jesus science - 6382478080
Created by Ram2.0

Troll Math: 2 or 288?

equation math science - 4647677952
Created by Unknown

Definitely no Einsteinium

FAIL facebook science Chemistry - 6718162432
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Well, You're Not Wrong

Chemistry energy facebook science - 6451925248
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Great Science Pranks!

science pranks image - 8818268160
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IRL Troll: Test Troll Success

IRL school science test - 4682419968
Created by Unknown

Mormons Wouldn't Ever Beat Watson

Jeopardy magnets Mormon Chat science - 4555038976
Created by TehVict


cheese peanut butter science Yahoo Answer Fails - 3767011584
Created by Unknown

NASA Successfully Landed a Really Clever Joke

image win science NASA Successfully Landed a Really Clever Joke
Via @NASAJuno

Just Have a Little Faith

best of week IRL license plate religion science - 5808767488
Created by insufferableprick

Dropping the Science: Should We Change Comic Sans to Comic CERNS?

science - 6402634496
Via Change.Org
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