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That's One Ionic Comment

facebook positive science - 5590874624
By regretfulexpert

Shifty, Shifty Atoms

school signs science Chemistry - 8397880832

NASA Successfully Landed a Really Clever Joke

image win science NASA Successfully Landed a Really Clever Joke
Via @NASAJuno

Definitely no Einsteinium

FAIL facebook science Chemistry - 6718162432
By Unknown

Troll Math: 2 or 288?

equation math science - 4647677952
By Unknown

Back to School?

science air - 4317133568
By joshuajoshua0417

Ho-Ho-Higgs Boson

higgs boson santa science youtube - 6413519104
By TTHtv104

Find the Size of the Shaft

determine the shaft of a tall dildo
Via Torched90

How Do You Not Know This?

people memories facebook brain science change - 6864155136
By Infirmary4

Hard Science

pr0ntimes science men - 6657765376
By Unknown


cheese peanut butter science Yahoo Answer Fails - 3767011584
By Unknown


Cats DNA Hall of Fame science Yahoo Answer Fails - 3226775552
By Unknown

Better to Keep Your Mouth Shut and Appear Dumb

dumb light science sound - 6350621440
By Unknown

Seems Kind of Difficult, TBH

image science parody Seems Kind of Difficult, TBH
Via fakescience
Home Alone science Video - 84307713

Find Out If a Human Could Survive the Traps in Home Alone

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Scientifically Boring Status

anti joke chicken facebook moon science star - 5778284032
By Pinkamina_pie
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