Art of Trolling


Just Have a Little Faith

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This Video Sums up Everything in the Universe Quite Nicely

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Troll Math: 2 or 288?

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Dropping the Science: Should We Change Comic Sans to Comic CERNS?

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Via Change.Org

And Eventually to Heaven

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Via Victor Stenger

Back to School?

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Easy, Bill Nye

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Created by SerenityVerse

When Science Class Becomes Meme Class

image science overly attached girlfriend When Science Class Becomes Meme Class
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The Bogue Fish's Scientific Name is "Boops Boops"

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How Do You Not Know This?

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Created by Infirmary4

Still Wish He Was My Dad

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Nobody Parties Like Enzymes

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Your Science Is Golden

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No Scientific Study Needed to Prove This One

image science signs No Scientific Study Needed to Prove This One
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What did you think I was talking about?

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That's One Ionic Comment

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