Art of Trolling


I See What You Did There; It Was Racist

racism wikipedia - 5617433856
Created by 1nsane

Admit It, You Cried Too

draw something kfc racism - 6065387264

It's Science!

racism truth - 4743038976
Via The Reditorial

The Zombie Rights Movement

Memes racism zombie - 6289926400
Created by Trilluminati

Run Little Chicken!

chicken giggity Omegle racism - 5090940416
Created by StrayPup

Border-rine Racist

China hello kitty racism women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4464135424
Created by Stompariffic ( Via )

Mechanical Racism

black Cleverbot english language racism - 5545229824
Created by guitargodd97

Ku Klux Kam

Chat Roulette kkk racism - 4804460544
Created by LordMonkeyFist

Classic: Is This a Trick Question?

delicious racism who wants to be a millionaire - 6102844928
Created by Jackothy

I Once Rode With an Asian Woman

Yahoo Answers troll who responds that the scariest ride he ever rode was in a car with a woman driving.
Created by throw_sand ( Via )

You Racist Sharpener

IRL pencils racism - 4798692864

Why Can't I Float?

black people FAIL racism swimming - 5523138560
Created by Collinc2343 ( Via )

Happy Black History Month, White People

Black History Month eminem facebook racism - 5762051072
Created by mmmmspaghetti

Get It a Little Dirty for Extra Legitimacy

border patrol hat racism - 5799980544
Created by Bendyrulz

You Can Climb Into Windows

best of week racism Skyrim thief Yahoo Answer Fails - 5645749248
Created by Shinobi

I'm glad you mentioned it..

chairs racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 3251777536
Created by discomartini