Art of Trolling


Watermelon Meets Pressure Washer

racism - 6662302464
Created by WreckStorm ( Via Youtube )

There's No Rainbow Connection

black green racism youtube - 6206040320
Created by Unknown

Wouldn't They Make Soy?

chocolate milk racism - 3993744896
Created by ToonToon

You Racist Sharpener

IRL pencils racism - 4798692864
Created by Unknown

Where'd I Go Wrong

dating racism stereotypes - 4159635712
Created by Unknown


racism white reading facebook - 6650352640
Created by Shlappy

Wrong Your, Man

facebook FAIL grammar muslim racism - 5173868800
Created by TonyC1906

The Zombie Rights Movement

Memes racism zombie - 6289926400
Created by Trilluminati


Pillow racism teeth tooth fairy - 4133770240
Created by Merglyn

Get Some Yellow Pebbles

black racism white Yahoo Answer Fails - 4937536512
Created by tlelepale

I See What You Did There; It Was Racist

racism wikipedia - 5617433856
Created by 1nsane

Can't Be Ghosts, They're Afraid of the Dark

kkk racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 4841681152
Created by Unknown

Trolls Real-Hard

asl native american Omegle racism - 4333737216
Created by Unknown

Ghet Eau

black people perfume racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 4586117120
Created by Unknown

The Other Guy Doesn't Look Like Jackie Chan Though!

lol racism self defense youtube - 4813521664
Created by Unknown
gay rights racism homosecks Video - 43450113

Troll Priest

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