Art of Trolling


Can't Be Ghosts, They're Afraid of the Dark

kkk racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 4841681152
Created by Unknown

I Do Love Dark Chocolate

black chocolate facebook racism - 4700594176
Created by Eric

You Racist Sharpener

IRL pencils racism - 4798692864
Created by Unknown

This Internet Safety Poster Took an Unexpected Turn

racism school grandma - 8120381184


america english racism scotland - 4178344192
Created by Shiyo

Classic: Is This a Trick Question?

delicious racism who wants to be a millionaire - 6102844928
Created by Jackothy

Watermelon Meets Pressure Washer

racism - 6662302464
Created by WreckStorm ( Via Youtube )

Run Little Chicken!

chicken giggity Omegle racism - 5090940416
Created by StrayPup

Get It a Little Dirty for Extra Legitimacy

border patrol hat racism - 5799980544
Created by Bendyrulz

Every Day on Oprah

conversations IRL racism - 4519744768
Created by Unknown

Wow Internet, Way to Be Racist

black people racism - 5939441664
Created by jakevdl

Admit It, You Cried Too

draw something kfc racism - 6065387264
Created by Unknown

Get Some Yellow Pebbles

black racism white Yahoo Answer Fails - 4937536512
Created by tlelepale


Pillow racism teeth tooth fairy - 4133770240
Created by Merglyn

I'm glad you mentioned it..

chairs racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 3251777536
Created by Unknown

Wouldn't They Make Soy?

chocolate milk racism - 3993744896
Created by ToonToon