Art of Trolling



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By toss88

Get Some Yellow Pebbles

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By tlelepale


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By Henry_PS

I Do Love Dark Chocolate

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By Eric

The Black Ones Are Bad Luck

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By Unknown

Congratulations on Your Racism

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By momomansaysh

LOL Affirmative Action

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By sgtcat09

You Can Climb Into Windows

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By Unknown

Are Your Eyes Getting Smaller?

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By sarahthayer

I Would Definitely Go With Hot

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By HippieGothie

Don't Shower with Him

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By Dumble

Classic: Is This a Trick Question?

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By Jackothy
racism pranks Video - 80782593

This YouTube Prankster's "Social Experiment" Was So Tone-Deaf and Poorly Timed That He Had to Try to Explain It

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By Unknown

Chipotle Had a Little "Incident" On Twitter This Weekend

Via The Daily Dot

So, About That Milk Man

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By Eeik5150 (Via
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