Art of Trolling


She'll Never Know!

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fathers day kids parenting pranks - 80868097

Jimmy Kimmel Honors Father's Day Tradition With Compilation of Kids Pranking Their Dads

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Sorry, Ma!

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lying parenting Video trolltube - 68935681

PSA for All Kids Out There: Don't Lie to Your Parents

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Dad No


Dad Pls...

dads parenting texting - 7879572480
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Oh Cody. Cody, Cody, Cody.

school kids parenting rockets - 8316653312

Totally Worth It

kids therapy parenting - 8141414656

This Dad Teaches His Son the Number One Rule in Life

dads gifs parenting trust - 8147297792

Kids Are Fantastic!

kids paint parenting - 7916628992
By Unknown

The Most Legit Permission Slip Signature I've Ever Seen

signature moms parenting - 7926049280
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Get That Camera Outta My Face!

Babies parenting - 8148924416

His Dad is Captain Obvious

captain obvious kids mom parenting - 8350986496

He Dyes Them for Your Sins

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Hint: It Ain't Me!

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Ehh, Silver Medal Ain't So Bad

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