Art of Trolling


Touché, Dad...

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We Try Our Hardest

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Frickin' Dads, Man...

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The Jury's Still Out on That Last One

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By Unknown
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Early Candidate for D-Bag Dad of the Year Just Sits Back and Watches Kids Eat It on a Patch of Slippery Ice

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The Struggle is Real

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D'aww, Babby's First Unholy Communion With Satan!

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Can You Help Me When You're Home By Ten?

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By Unknown

Who Knows What Kind of Prizes Await You!

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By master_yoga

Life lessons by Disney

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By brokencondomchild

You're Not Wrong, I Suppose

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Worth It!

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kids pranking their parents into thinking they're buying drugs

Kids Prank Their Parents Into Thinking They're Buying Drugs

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Your Spawn Looks Way Better This Way

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Via tpolisher

This Army Specialist Had the BEST Response After Being Denied Leave to a Baby Shower

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Via Backpacks_Got_Jets

Look at Me, Son! I'm "Big Pimping" Just Like You!

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