Art of Trolling


You Get What You Ask For!

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You're Telling Me Parents Don't Love Indoor Sandboxes?

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Troll Dad Makes a Dad Version of All of His Daughters Selfies

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I've Always Wanted Dad to Point to Me Like That

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Mom Lets Her 2-Year-Old Name Her Pokémon GO Collection and "Claws Parrot" Happened

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Glad YOU Look So Great in This Photo, Dear...

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Trolling Anti-Vaxxer Parents

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Kids Are Fantastic!

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When Your Granny Accidentally Trolls You

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I've Got Mah Eye on Yew!

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The Shirt Speaks Truth

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From the Makers of 'Quit Whining You Little Bastard'

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This Was a Kids Show...

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By Unknown
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This May Be the Worst Father You'll See All Year

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This is What Happens to Dads Who Read Their Kids' Mail

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Here's How to Both Give Your Wife a Heart Attack and Make Her Hate You Forever

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