Art of Trolling


candy halloween parenting Video - 139783

Mark Ruffalo Gets Mauled By Children When He Tells His Kids He Ate All Their Candy

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Maybe Pretending to Smash Your Dad's TV and Xbox Isn't the Best Idea...

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Plants vs Kids

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Funny back-and-forth conversation between mother and daughter where they post photos of Nicolas Cage in odd places for each other to find

Troll-y Mom Declares 'Nicolas Cage War' On Her Unsuspecting Daughter

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Passive Aggressive Grandma Knows What's Up With Her Hose

funny parenting tweet grandma lease passive aggressive note to kids cutting her hose for bongs
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I Hear When That After You Get a Tattoo, There's a Distinct Burning Sensation

burn parenting tattoos - 8237888512

You Get What You Ask For!

christmas christmas trees parenting - 8397886208

Matching Madness

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This Amazon Review is an Argument for Birth Control

amazon review about light projector
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Dad No


Massive Mommies

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Pokémon list kids pokemon go parenting - 862725

Mom Lets Her 2-Year-Old Name Her Pokémon GO Collection and "Claws Parrot" Happened

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Respect Your Elders

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Yeah That's Pret- Wait, What?

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What's Wrong With This Picture?


Well Played, Dylan

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