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Third Eye Blind Gets Booed After Sounding Off at a GOP Concert

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Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen: What is This Song and Why is It So Catchy?

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Cruel And Unusual Punishment

annoying friends justin bieber Music Yahoo Answer Fails - 4464157696
Created by Stompariffic ( Via )

Hey Jude? Pffft... Try Dubstep!

the Beatles Music dubstep hey jude - 7559138816
Created by Nunya business

Or Both, If You'd Like

Music facebook justin bieber - 6706291968
Created by Unknown

Hey Let's Bump and Grind Your Face Into the Pavement

chris brown domestic assault facebook Music - 6449766656
Created by strykerknight
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This Catchy Mashup Combines the Most Popular Songs of 2016

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Music facebook radio homework - 6660230400

Classic: This Dude Should Get a Medal!

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Created by iWantARandomNicknamepl0x

Classic: Really Sets the Mood

Music youtube - 6719527424
Created by littledevil9

Re-Trolled: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

re-frames Music math youtube - 6693598720
Created by Stryder

You Won't Have to Remember Anymore!

Music twitter james blunt - 7080132864
Via @DirtyLilBlunt

DOO-Doo Doo Doo-Doo DOO Doo...

ice ice baby Vanilla Ice Music g rated - 7668257280
Created by Unknown

It must be an inside joke

Music facebook - 6767378944
Created by Crowedog74

Baby, Baby, No

bad idea Bad Translator justin bieber Music - 6198075648
Created by Unknown
bands hipsters Music twitter - 209412

Who Are They?

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