Art of Trolling


Music whales Video - 83731713

According to This Song, No Matter What Choices You Make, No One Can Save the Whales

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You Won't Have to Remember Anymore!

Music twitter james blunt - 7080132864
Via @DirtyLilBlunt

Subtlely Nasty

Music - 8053049600
Created by Unknown

Now the world knows

Music wikipedia justin bieber - 6790863616
Created by ClockerSLA

Canadian English

justin bieber Music youtube - 6594938112
Created by DiabeticKevin

I Do Not Want to Live in This World Anymore

justin bieber Music queen - 6593168128
Created by LeSparta
Music weird Video - 81251329

A French Horn and a Chair Form the Perfect Duet

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Music Video trolls - 47138817

The father of all trolls

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Better Beat Too

lil wayne Music youtube - 6264935168
Created by XiphosAngel

Cruel And Unusual Punishment

annoying friends justin bieber Music Yahoo Answer Fails - 4464157696
Created by Stompariffic ( Via )

Nicki Minaj: Music Made by a Confused Computer

Music Bad Translator nicki minaj - 6994533120
Created by Michael
Music list internet - 1212165

Devious Internet Denizens Come up With the Best Songs to Torture Someone by Playing Them on Repeat

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In Time...

Music school spelling yahoo answers - 6615754752
Created by Unknown
Music political pictures Video - 79468801

That Didn't Turn out the Way I Expected

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My Achy Breaky Heart-Shaped Box...

Billy Ray Cyrus kurt cobain Music trolling failbook g rated - 8190496256
Created by kaseylette17

The Biebs Drops the Bass

facebook justin bieber Music no - 6417896704
Created by Unknown