Art of Trolling


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Music never gonna give you up rick roll - 4623162368
Created by Unknown

The Worst Album of All Time

IRL Music wtf - 6454824448
Created by Unknown
Music trolltube - 55712513

Tobias Fünke's Doppelgänger Performs a Song With a Ridiculous Message on American Idol

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How Dare They Use Time Travel for That

best of week glee google google search Music - 5806988032
Created by Unknown
christmas Music parody Video - 84158209

Watch Stephen Colbert and Nora Jones Sing the Actual Worst Christmas Song Ever Written

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concert metallica Music - 4043629824
Created by Unknown

What? It's the Song of the Summer

call me maybe facebook Music status - 6502934272
Created by Brent

Thanks for Sharing Your Mildly Angsty Passive Aggression

IRL loud Music neighbor note - 5568041216
Created by femjedi04
christmas Music mashup Video - 83858945

This Mariah Carey/My Chemical Romance Mashup Is the One Thing You Need for Christmas

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Trolled By Slacker Radio

Music radio rick roll skip - 6578637056
Created by Joel

I Said Songs, Not Cute Girls

facebook justin bieber Music Rebecca Black - 6358372864
Created by sgtcat09

How Could You Possibly Hate Him!!!??11!!

justin bieber Music - 6662247936
Created by Unknown

It's All a Matter of Opinion....

Music youtube lady gaga - 6766276864
Created by PinkieGuy

The Dark Side of Mathematics

Music school pink floyd test - 7024765952
Created by Unknown
Music trolling funny Video - 84690689

Guy Trolls His Roommate Whenever He Plays Acoustic Guitar By Belting Out Green Day's 'Good Riddance'

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Choose Your Username Wisely

lies Music troll username youtube - 4246479872
Created by KodaHasCheezburger