Art of Trolling


The Timeless Album

Music youtube pink floyd - 6705660160
Created by Wertkolp

Maybe You Should Ask Bieber

Music yahoo answers - 4270121728
Created by brdevane

Somebody Belongs on the Crazy Train

cant tell if trolling Music youtube - 6206809600
Created by E

Taken 2 - Starring, Lionel Richie

facebook Music taken - 6612879360
Created by DellaMaylan
Music trolltube edbassmaster justin bieber - 58887681

If You're Going to Belt Out Justin Bieber's 'Confident' in Public, You Best Do It... Well... Confidently...

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We Have the Trve Kvlt Riffs! We Can Rebuild It!

metal Music twin towers youtube - 6448201472
Created by LOLdogexpert
Music miley cyrus Video win - 82046977

Your Fantasy League's Next Loser Needs to Consider This Guy's Dedication to Recreating 'Wrecking Ball' as the Standard

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Almost as Sexy as Santa's

beards Harry Potter keha kesha Music Yahoo Answer Fails - 4674250496
Created by SchizoInDisguise

Classic: In Dead Kennedys We Trust

IRL Music piracy - 4980760320
Created by Jottunrot

You Don't Want to Know

john lennon justin beiber Music the Beatles youtube - 6442467584
Created by Oagao21
Music list internet - 1212165

Devious Internet Denizens Come up With the Best Songs to Torture Someone by Playing Them on Repeat

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Chuck Norris makes Lil' Wayne worry..

Music youtube lil wayne - 7055745792
Created by el21caf
Music england pranks - 298247

Watch British Girl Band Little Mix Prank a Radio Host When One of Them Walks Out of the Interview

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Music Video - 83934721

This Catchy Mashup Combines the Most Popular Songs of 2016

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Music parody Video - 81978625

You Will Definitely Want Some of These Amazing Pants

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In Time...

Music school spelling yahoo answers - 6615754752
Created by Unknown