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Don't Even Get Me Started on 808 State

Deadmau5 Music blink 182 - 7622886912
Created by Unknown
Entitled streamer wants free music for exposure | My rate is 50$ per minute completed music. Is alright? Here is my full commission info if want take look. 3:12 PM 50$ is too much. Im going be big streamer so should get an exposure discount since thousands will hear music. 3:16 PM Can have link twitch (or whatever site dont really work free anymore, sorry. My rates are already pretty low considering time investment, but maybe can work out some small discount if

Entitled Streamer Demands Music for Exposure, Gets Nothing

Great business strategy, dude.
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Music the internets Video - 80135681

The Internet Is Both Sweet and Terrible in This Lovely New Song

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Music neighbors prank loud Video - 77827585

If You Have Terribly Loud Neighbors, This is the Prank for You

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Music Memes remix Video - 83881729

Take on Memes Is the Best Use of Meme Videos for Music So Far

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Babies Music wtf Video - 83495425

The Sound of 14 Pitched Down Crying Babies Is the Perfect Soundtrack to Lying Awake at Night and Worrying About the Future

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Music trolling Video christmas - 152071

This Tumblr Made a Genius Mariah-Shading-Ariana Grande Video and It's Perfection

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Hey, That's a Great Channel

Music one direction Yahoo Answer Fails - 6109790208
Created by megaman2700
Music kkk Video - 72897025

Have You Seen This Guy Ruining a KKK March With Plodding Tuba Tunes?

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Nicki Minaj: Music Made by a Confused Computer

Music Bad Translator nicki minaj - 6994533120
Created by Michael

Was His Name John Mayer By Any Chance?

facebook Music taylor swift - 6579677696
Created by Unknown

Canadian English

justin bieber Music youtube - 6594938112
Created by DiabeticKevin


Music facebook radio homework - 6660230400

She Keeps Pushing Me Away

facebook Music - 5308040448
Created by Unknown

You Won't Have to Remember Anymore!

Music twitter james blunt - 7080132864
Via @DirtyLilBlunt

Chuck Norris makes Lil' Wayne worry..

Music youtube lil wayne - 7055745792
Created by el21caf