Art of Trolling


At Least They Haven't Shaved Their Heads

Music fans justin bieber KISS - 6676067840
By Unknown

Hey Let's Bump and Grind Your Face Into the Pavement

chris brown domestic assault facebook Music - 6449766656
By strykerknight

Does That Mean I'm Tri-Winning?

IRL Music sign win - 6283393792
By Unknown

If You Could Call It That

nicki minaj Music politics - 6678827520
By Unknown

How NOT to Land a Date

business card call me maybe IRL Music - 6208701184
By Unknown
christmas Music mashup Video - 83858945

This Mariah Carey/My Chemical Romance Mashup Is the One Thing You Need for Christmas

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Music andrew hales lahwf trolltube Macklemore - 55840513

Andrew Hales Dresses Up as Macklemore, Totally Fools Everyone Into Thinking He Pops Tags

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Hasn't Stopped Tupac

Music rip youtube - 6252083200
By Digi D igital
Music twitter list troll - 868613

Third Eye Blind Gets Booed After Sounding Off at a GOP Concert

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Baby, Baby, Baby, Dump

garbage IRL justin bieber Music - 6625563648
By Unknown

Almost as Sexy as Santa's

beards Harry Potter keha kesha Music Yahoo Answer Fails - 4674250496
By SchizoInDisguise

Do They Ride Unicorns?

country facebook Music myth wtf - 5062011392
By theoriginalsquid

Srsly Gaiz Stop It

comments Music relationships youtube - 6597501184
By Unknown

John, Paul, George, and Keith

Music beatles facebook - 6939334912
By Unknown

Unless It's Nickleback

sign Music rock rap nickleback - 6925242112
By Unknown
Music Video politics - 83324417

Will This Political Rap Battle Help Ken Bone Stop Being Undecided?

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