Art of Trolling


To YouTube, Minions!

magnets obama president youtube - 4394060544
Created by Unknown

We've been asking the wrong people the whole time!

magnets Mormon Chat mormons questions windows - 4475613696
Created by Unknown

Use Magnets, Of Course

magnets herpes - 4466456064
Created by mandydion

Everyone Knows Like Poles Repel

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Created by Unknown

You're the Best, Man

magnets man Mormon Chat the best wedding - 4652261888
Created by GeorgeMcBob


ICP magnets meme miracles - 4133249536
Created by JesusOfSuburbia69

Never Gonna Play That Song

IRL magnets never gonna give you up request rick roll - 4982101248
Created by VJ

ICP Could Take Some Lessons

how do they work ICP magnets mormons - 4168617984
Created by Unknown

He Would Have the Answers

Deadmau5 magnets minecraft notch - 5339953152
Created by Proceo ( Via )

PWND by a Mormon

Mormon Chat magnets wikipedia - 4268083456
Created by arkdude

Russia's Biggest Trolls

horse magnets Mormon Chat mormons rickroll russia - 4472702976
Created by team8

Like a Boss

fitness Like a Boss magnets - 4516039424
Created by Unknown

Spell Check Is Definitely Not an Art

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Created by that_guy123


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Created by Unknown

You'd Think They Would Have Learned By Now

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Created by boohoocom

O'Reilly Bot

bill-oreilly Cleverbot magnets the moon - 4486727680
Created by MRE