Art of Trolling


Ezio Makes Miracles

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Created by aktaylorh

Magnus vs. Magnets

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Created by cerise

Mormon History Repeats Itself

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Created by hardcorporate

Fake Mormons

fake magnets Mormon Chat neighbors - 4262516992
Created by silenthunder

Re-Trolled: I'm the Best Troll

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Created by moup1994

Works on Everyone, Doesn't It?

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Created by HorseMagnet

New Convert

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Created by Unknown
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My Favorite Video of 2000

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Always Works

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They Really Don't Know How Magnets Work

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All Hail Lord Dustin

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Created by ElliotMajor

Even This Moorman Doesn't Know

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Created by shuddupwomangetonmyhorse

Aperture Science Is Run By Mormons?

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Created by TrainorJon ( Via )

Nathanael is My Favourite Mormon

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Created by MC Hammer


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