Art of Trolling


Problem, Frankenstein?

books internet IRL magnets mormons - 4590236672
Created by shinnasukarocks

The Hardest Question

facebook hard magnets question trolling - 4307160576
Created by FacevAsphalt

Attraction, Which Is Also What Pulls Me to You

asl magnets Omegle - 4887550720
Created by Michi.Troll

problem csi?

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Created by Unknown

Everyone Knows Like Poles Repel

homosecks magnets Mormon Chat mormons sex - 4398100224
Created by Unknown

Your Polarity is All Messed Up

condom magnets women Yahoo Answer Fails - 5890329856
Created by kwakey

Seriously, How Do They Work!?

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Created by Unknown
christmas magnets Video - 12882689

How Does It Shoot?

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Big Boss Gets Counter-Trolled

fox magnets Mormon Chat - 4638160128
Created by Unknown

You'd Think They Would Have Learned By Now

yahoo answers magnets - 6878326272
Created by boohoocom

The Future Is Grim

future global warming magnets mormons Omegle - 4262771968
Created by limatrix

Magnets Are a Machine?

how do they work magnets miracles - 4958853376
Created by HardcoreBob

Mormon Voodo

magnets Mormon Chat mormons rude - 4562857984
Created by BILLYjoe91

Magnets can do Anything.

black magic magnets obviously Omegle omniscient - 4419840512
Created by Unknown

Clearly Not Everything

knowledge magnets Omegle that sounds naughty - 4492578048
Created by Unknown
Video magnets - 42954241

Magnets: THAT'S How They Work

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