Art of Trolling


Take a Digital Seat

Chris Hansen internet - 4589831168
Created by Unknown

Suck it Up Horse

horse internet Okay sexy times trolling - 6032401664
Created by omarcz19

It's in my Basement

basement internet Yahoo Answer Fails - 4616531968
Created by hunterwekser

Should Have Known

internet - 4724794112
Created by xphoz

Mexico, We Have a Problem

gullible internet moon Omegle - 6438002176
Created by chamomilekat

He Invented It, and Now He's Gonna Stop Global Warming

abraham lincoln facebook FAIL internet misquotes online quotes - 5012254720
Created by Unknown

Internet Quotes

internet lincoln meta quotes - 4419432960
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Hot Lesbians Inside

internet lemons lesbians - 4289021952
Created by Unknown

The Best Response

internet midgets South Park trolling - 6153793792
Via Epic 4chan

Problem, Frankenstein?

books internet IRL magnets mormons - 4590236672
Created by shinnasukarocks
Chat Roulette internet Star Trek Video - 11432193


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disney wtf list internet parody potato - 1309701

Your Favorite Disney Princesses Reimagined as This Potato Will Leave You Hungry for More

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Productivity is Up 5000 Percent

procrastination internet - 6971279104
Created by Unknown
comments etiquette internet Memes Video - 34340353

LOL Space Shuttle Challenger

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It's Either Prison or a Party

chatting guys internet men Omegle - 4962357504
Created by moshe2

The Internet Has Ruined Me

eiffel tower internet logos wheelchairs - 7984543232
Created by Unknown