Art of Trolling


Internet Intruder

internet wifi - 5676851968
Created by Unknown

On What Day Did God Create Trolls?

best of week facebook god internet - 5885081344
Created by Derpy Hooves

Skrillex Really Nailed That One

dubstep facebook internet - 5922501888
Created by senchey6

I Still Can't See It

cinnamon toast crunch internet petition - 6871914240
Created by Robert ( Via )

Some Canadian Parasite

disease girls internet justin bieber Omegle - 5048974336
Created by OrganicPoptart
Music list internet - 1212165

Devious Internet Denizens Come up With the Best Songs to Torture Someone by Playing Them on Repeat

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Private Browsing Changed Everything

facebook firefox internet pr0ntimes - 5901446400
Created by umarthebeard
power rangers villain rita repulsa trolling

Rita Repulsa Trolled Twitter by Taking Over the Power Rangers Account on Monday

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The Tip of the Internet Iceberg

facebook gross internet - 5523774208
Created by mikurulove10
egg avatar trolling

Twitter Gets Grilled By Unforgiving Internet Trolls, After Crushing Its Notorious Egg Avatar

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He Really Likes the New Facebook Layout

facebook internet justin bieber love new - 4263006720
Created by Unknown

Classic: Same With Statistics

internet IRL lincoln misquotes sign - 5298234112
Created by jakeinreallife

Double Check Your Settings First

cookies internet oven technologically impaired Yahoo Answer Fails - 5012705024
Created by PrivateInPublic

Think of the Possibilities

costume fish internet shoppers beware shopping - 4679883264
Created by BobFijiwinkle
nfl internet reactions football funny - 875781

The Internet's Ripping Russell Wilson a New One After He Posted This Ridiculous Rambo-Inspired Poster

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No Internet? You Must Really Have It Rough

facebook First World Problems internet phone - 6040048128
Created by halfstrat