Art of Trolling


Internet Temporarily Closed for Repairs

internet facebook - 7059395328
By Unknown

Can I Get a Little Privacy?

internet IRL sign - 4973757696
By Unknown

Private Browsing Changed Everything

facebook firefox internet pr0ntimes - 5901446400
By umarthebeard


alien internet mexico Omegle - 3377604352
By Unknown

What Part of Africa?

internet Omegle spymode - 5865532416
By Dj_Turtl3

Suck it Up Horse

horse internet Okay sexy times trolling - 6032401664
By omarcz19

Double Check Your Settings First

cookies internet oven technologically impaired Yahoo Answer Fails - 5012705024
By PrivateInPublic

Not a Single Plain Name in the Bunch

internet wifi - 7420165632
By Unknown

The Tip of the Internet Iceberg

facebook gross internet - 5523774208
By mikurulove10

Mexico, We Have a Problem

gullible internet moon Omegle - 6438002176
By chamomilekat

It's in my Basement

basement internet Yahoo Answer Fails - 4616531968
By hunterwekser

The Best Response

internet midgets South Park trolling - 6153793792
Via Epic 4chan

Around The Interlocks

Confusing Yahoo Answers question about a car with a very funny response that implies the person did I-don't-know-what to their car.
By Unknown

It's Either Prison or a Party

chatting guys internet men Omegle - 4962357504
By moshe2

Censor ALL the Things

censorship internet SOPA - 5594592256
By tablefor1plz

The Internet Has Ruined Me

eiffel tower internet logos wheelchairs - 7984543232
By Unknown
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