Art of Trolling


The Subtlest Burn in Facebook History

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pick-up lines prank Video burn - 59357185

A Pick-Up Artist Gets Knocked Down by His Hot "Target"

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Lady Gaga Wants to Be the First Artist to Perform in Space?

burn lady gaga space sick burn - 7889241856
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BRB Killing Self


Can Someone Link Her That 'List of Burn Centers' Wikipedia Page, Please?

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Dog Show

facebook mom burn - 6993713664
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Don't Forget About the Shellfish Rules

lgbtq bible burn failbook - 8357436160
Via Hollacaine

Can Zombies Feel Burns?

phones zombie burn - 8176083200

Someone Tried to Call Out Justin Timberlake's Love of the Memphis Grizzlies, JT Shuts It Down Immediately

basketball burn Justin Timberlake sports twitter - 8380668416
Via @jtimberlake

Wee Woo!


Challenge Accepted, M'Lady

burn facebook relationship - 4838612480
Created by brasil221

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, and My Rubber Too

burn facebook sexytimes - 6495611648
Created by EliteRoach

Love to Watch You Walk Away

best of week burn Memes pick-up lines - 5999916288
Created by Unknown
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