Art of Trolling


Wee Woo!


Time to Beef Up and Try This Post Again

burn gym workout failbook - 8228559360
Via Acid Cow

You Can't Come Back From Jack and Jill

adam sandler burn facebook nostalgia - 6402312960
By iNickMidget09
pick-up lines prank Video burn - 59357185

A Pick-Up Artist Gets Knocked Down by His Hot "Target"

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Ouch... Still Gonna Eat It

image cake burn Ouch... Still Gonna Eat It
Via Cerridwenn

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, and My Rubber Too

burn facebook sexytimes - 6495611648
By EliteRoach

How Did They Treat Burns Back in the Day?

sick burn george reid burn - 7881254912
By Unknown

Can Someone Link Her That 'List of Burn Centers' Wikipedia Page, Please?

relationships facebook burn dating - 8272558080

Next-Level Insults

burn insults - 8228566016

Have Her Refill Your Water for That Burn


Stranger Is Burned!

burn cards lost Omegle Pokémon stranger virginity - 4413944320
By Robert

Your Selfies Are Very, VERY Not Metal

Music gifs concert selfie burn fail nation - 8404605696
Via yourmomcantspell

The Sickest of Sick Burns, Bro

sick burn 4chan burn - 8180027392

Rachel is the Hero We All Deserve

sick burn 4chan burn - 8038679552
By Unknown
Norway trolling clever Video burn - 67577345

Joke of the Day: King of Norway Trolls His Wife in Interview

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No Peace Without War

sick burn ugly burn beautiful - 7675599360
By freshbru
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