Tesco Mobile's Ruthless Twitter Account Is Burning Everyone Who Dares to Disrespect

The British phone company, Tesco Mobile, has one of the most savage Twitter account on the internet.

Most people think it's fun and games to joke about Tesco's crappy coverage, or even the obnoxious auto-generated voice mails, but Tesco Mobile doesn't play.

Just take a look at some of these recent brutal comebacks and see for yourself.

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Via Erikmyl
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Meanwhile in Norway…

Meet Harald V, King of the Trolls (also King of Norway).

In a recent interview with NRK TV, Harald said he will soon be going to Antarctica to visit his country's research station called "Troll."

The station was opened nearly 10 years ago by his wife, Queen Sonja, who is sitting next to him.

Watch the video above (with subtitles) for the punchline.

Oh Harald.