Art of Trolling


Tis the Season

Babies angel christmas Walmart - 4242887680
By Unknown

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Babies kids facebook - 6959005184
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Nyah! See?

Babies husbands parenting - 7770719232
By Unknown

A Parenting PSA


American goods are always best

Babies america China wtf - 6201829888
By VodkaMachine

Get That Camera Outta My Face!

Babies parenting cameras - 8320020480

Aww, Babby's First Integral!

Babies parenting calculus - 8056057600
By Unknown


Babies Omegle watermelon - 3467360256
By Unknown

Abstinence Is 99.99% Effective

Babies facebook owned - 4601645824
By blackula5643

The Grandparent's Perspective Really Is False Advertising

parenting reviews kids The Grandparent's Perspective Really Is False Advertising
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This Is Harassment

Babies Bad Translator wat - 5405880064
By Cheesecakeisfun

Oops, Got Your Face!

Babies parenting - 8286500096

Re-Trolled: Apparently This Is a Common Problem?

Babies dumpster IRL trash - 4889093376
By Unknown
Babies donald trump Video - 81849345

Sassy Trump Hates Babies

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You Might Have Some Leftovers On Your Lips

Babies kissing Yahoo Answer Fails - 5555617280
By lolol

Their Fathers Help Too

Babies mother wolfram alpha - 5463945984
By HerpDerpTheory
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