Art of Trolling


Too Soon?

football IRL rip Sad - 6184408832
Created by biznob
cancer kid rap Sad Video youtube - 32677889

Throw It Against the Wall!

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I'm Wasting It

gift IRL life Sad worst - 6000416512
Created by Unknown

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

christmas Sad - 5590105600
Created by Jackie

Is That How You Lure Them to Your Van?

Music Sad - 5404496128
Created by mustang532

The Real Reason Nobody Wants to be a Millennial

only 90s kids remember the crushing realization their generation is screwed
Via Something_witty17

Why Do They Always Take the Good Ones?

alive amy winehouse dead justin bieber rip Sad youtube - 5024900352
Created by elizabeth ( Via )

It Will Leave a Scar on Your Heart

IRL money Sad sign - 5298277120
Created by Moustachecat

Thought You Were Hell-Spawn

dad Death Sad - 4177205760
Created by Unknown

Classic: Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me

family guy Sad - 5149030400
Created by maxystone

Yeah, You Can Totally Make That

cat cute gifs IRL push Sad - 6227094016
Created by GalderGollum

I'll Tell You Nothing, Wench!

daddy Sad siri - 5328357120
Created by robert paulson

A message from beyond the grave

Sad youtube - 6502965504
Created by FirefromtheEast

So Close!

IRL lottery Sad - 5343532288
Created by Josh

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Sad, Sadder Than Ours

facebook Sad star wars - 6399360512
Created by his.dudeliness
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