Art of Trolling


Classic: Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me

family guy Sad - 5149030400
Created by maxystone

Sure It Does

IRL Sad spelling - 5382317312
Created by Unknown
Remi Gaillard Sad sheep Video - 32100609

Little Bo MEEP

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I Hope Your Pants Get Caught In the Chain

bike IRL jerks Sad stolen - 5013721600
Created by Unknown


image maps love Ok....
Via qwert1225

But...I Thought We Were Friends...

Sad friends Cleverbot Okay - 6999544832
Created by nabeshin216
cancer kid rap Sad Video youtube - 32677889

Throw It Against the Wall!

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We're In Bad Shape

best of week johnny cash Sad steve jobs - 5285589760
Created by Elisa Luna

Extra Forever Alone

alone receipt Sad - 4665017344
Created by GrinningRat

No No, It's Right There! Look Again

comic Sad walrus - 4954088960
Created by Unknown

Just About as Bloody

Sad twilight youtube - 5685417472
Created by Yumbero

I Just Wanted a Kiss and Some Candy

Sad - 5040089088
Created by maxystone

It Makes Me Sad Too

Sad haircut crying - 6975684864
Via Tastefully Offensive

Is That How You Lure Them to Your Van?

Music Sad - 5404496128
Created by mustang532

Intimate Nocturnal Emissions

faptimes Sad youtube - 5879182336
Created by thewittywalrus ( Via )

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

christmas Sad - 5590105600
Created by Jackie