Art of Trolling


In an Office, This Counts as a Prank

Sad donuts work - 8795159296
Via FishFireINC

What to Expect When You're Expecting an Absent Father

books IRL jail Memes Sad - 6345362432
By Unknown

I'm Wasting It

gift IRL life Sad worst - 6000416512
By Unknown

Stay Away From All Keyboards

facebook FAIL job Sad spelling writing - 5278962688
By Unknown

So Close!

IRL lottery Sad - 5343532288
By Josh

The Saddest

Sad Omegle forever alone birthday - 6973772544
By Unknown

The Leaves Are Always Greener

IRL pole Sad tree - 4791795712
By Unknown

But...I Thought We Were Friends...

Sad friends Cleverbot Okay - 6999544832
By nabeshin216

Why Did You Have to Ruin a Good Thing, Carter?

image signs sad Why Did You Have to Ruin a Good Thing, Carter?
Via verbsnounsandshit

Why Do They Always Take the Good Ones?

alive amy winehouse dead justin bieber rip Sad youtube - 5024900352
By elizabeth (Via

Extra Forever Alone

alone receipt Sad - 4665017344
By GrinningRat

It Will Leave a Scar on Your Heart

IRL money Sad sign - 5298277120
By Moustachecat

Too Soon?

football IRL rip Sad - 6184408832
By biznob

Maybe It Was Because the Dog Dug Them Up?

cat facebook Growing kitten Sad - 6413404672
By bobbleheaddoggy

U Mad, Trick or Treaters

candy halloween IRL Sad - 5377220096
By xKeegs

Y U Leave Me?

earth forever alone Sad - 6015660544
By Noswellicus (Via CNN Tech)
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