Art of Trolling


Open, Damn You!

door IRL narnia wall - 5407361536
By Unknown

The One Direction Delusion

bible IRL one direction - 6584277760
By Unknown

How to Get Away With Murder

IRL sign - 6206099456
By Unknown

Classic: He'll Dye for Your Shins

IRL religion shoes - 6302133504
By Dookster

Avenge All the Dinosaurs!

dinosaurs ice cream IRL - 4993489408
By -Ghost-

Classic: Surprise, Surprise

Babies IRL surprise - 6423579648
By PetePete

Really Wont Do Schoolwork

kids IRL president truancy story - 6740908544
By Jmedrew

The Philosophy of Trolling

college IRL magnet mormon paper science - 4531742208
By thisisapromise

Low-Tech Rick Roll

IRL never gonna give you up rick roll sign - 5429064448
By JessEsky

Me Too, Trucky

IRL truck - 5676956928
By Unknown

Tuna Rolled

IRL rude windows - 4721764096
By Unknown

From Sitting on That Bench

Ad bench butt hurt injury IRL lawyer - 4346801920
By Unknown

It's a Down Hill Trolling Race!

england IRL race sign trolling - 4439770624
By Unknown

Where'd You Get the Pen?

help IRL note trapped - 5147977472
By duckorange (Via

Investigations Impede Progress

caution IRL Portal valve video games - 5090010880
By Unknown

Not Sure If I Should Swallow

coffee IRL man milk - 5206957568
By Alexwin