Art of Trolling


Problem QWERTY?

IRL keyboard keys problem - 4728429568
By Coostard

Watch Out, We're Dealing With Aggression Here

football gifs IRL sports - 6478345216
By Unknown
april fools ipad IRL news Video - 17913345

IRL Troll: iTroll

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Way to Go, Kiddo

car daughter IRL - 5536211456
By Unknown

On Her Monthly Rampage

anatomy IRL killer lady bits - 4921699072
By Unknown

Wipe the Rainbow

cute driving IRL rainbow - 5083985408
By -Ghost-

One More Sad Lonely Critter

wtf IRL penguins books animals - 6761635584
By Unknown

Now Where Am I Gonna Get One?!

IRL McDonald's sign - 5256350720
By tien

Baby, Baby, Baby, Dump

garbage IRL justin bieber Music - 6625563648
By Unknown

Problem, Frankenstein?

books internet IRL magnets mormons - 4590236672
By shinnasukarocks

Hey, You Know What Citi Field Rhymes With?

baseball IRL - 4842857984
Via Brown Cardigan

Classic: You Drive a Camry, Bro

IRL license plate toyota u mad bro - 5226422784
By banecouch

birthday wishes from pedobear

cake IRL pedobear - 4152422144
By rawson1

Thief Repellant

duct tape IRL knife mask murder thief - 4587678976
By Unknown

Sandwiches Aren't The Only Things They Sell

IRL sign Subway - 5597592832
By DanGoRawr

If You Insist *Unzips*

sign IRL that sounds naughty burgers - 8753125376
By Unknown