Art of Trolling


It's Worth More Than That

best of week IRL ring sauron sign - 5183580416
By Unknown


dad facebook IRL slang text wtf - 4219345664
By Unknown

Rare and Illusive

invisible IRL - 4771778048
By M. Manzieri

Now Where Will I Find a Date?

animals children IRL pedobear - 5039931904
By Unknown

They would

IRL apple maps hurricane sandy - 6736408576
By Unknown

"Just mark whats important"

IRL textbook truancy story - 6296642304
By Angelica514

Anything But, Please

idk not trump tho
Via idknottrumptho

Some Teacher is Having a Bad Monday

horrible IRL teacher bad day - 6814535936
By Unknown

An Argument for Evolution If I've Ever Seen One

books IRL monkey obama - 5896303872
By rileyup

Did You See the Size of Those Things?!

IRL diapers googly eyes - 6748398848
By Unknown

Except Us

hot dogs IRL meat that sounds naughty - 5583323648
By Shea

The Rare Toilet Whale

gross IRL poop text message whale - 6000424960
By Unknown
community IRL mannequin prank Video - 16280321

Streets Ahead in the Trolls

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But the Trains Need Humping!

glass hump IRL train weird - 5027434496
By Pinkshyagent

She Knows What to Do

IRL sign tag women - 5698362368
By corey

Clean Up in Aisle Two

deadly spider bin
Via thunderdomed