Art of Trolling


Her Mind is Easily Swayed

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By LexieSweet

Oh, Cleverbot!

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By Rodentsnipe

Yeah Well, UR Face

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By SocialDemocracy

I Did Not Hit Her! Oh Hai Mark

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By Unknown

That Cuts Deep

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By amerimochi135

Works on Everyone, Doesn't It?

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By HorseMagnet


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By Unknown

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring...

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By MoxxieS

Thpeech Impe-pe-pediments

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By Unknown

Not So Clever Cleverbot

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By Unknown

We Are Legion

Cleverbot - 5423440896


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By Unknown

Cleverbot Plays Minecraft

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By Sam K

I Find Your Lack of Trolling Disturbing

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By Unknown

Llamas are Lousy Musicians

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By The-Masked-Mango

Judgement Day Has Arrived

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By AlmightyMikey