Art of Trolling


Works on Everyone, Doesn't It?

Cleverbot death note disconnect i own a horse magnets - 4590374656
By HorseMagnet

Shock and Awe!

Cleverbot delicious drowning fish food - 4499034624
By Unknown

I Think She Likes Me...

Cleverbot likes rawr - 4629419776
By Unknown

I Do Get Those Confused Sometimes

Bieber Cleverbot god - 5305317888
By froggie8

I Think You Made a Mistake

accident Cleverbot mistake - 4475456768
By ottiboy3

Damnit, Cleverbot!

spice girls Cleverbot - 7411995136
By ZOMGflyingkittens

O'Reilly Bot

bill-oreilly Cleverbot magnets the moon - 4486727680

Her Mind is Easily Swayed

sex Cleverbot - 4208790784
By LexieSweet

Cleverbot's Favorite Things

Cleverbot kitten roses - 4643064320
By Unknown


Cleverbot grim reaper sun yellow - 3793118464
By Unknown

Perhaps to Fight Zombies?

Cleverbot liar plants zombie - 4307059456
By Unknown

Lets Go, Cleverbot!

princess quest Cleverbot name - 6904983296
By bucksnort2

Your Daddy

Cleverbot - 7061622016
By Unknown

Cleverbot Doles Out the Harshness

sick burn relationships girlfriend Cleverbot burn dating - 7555001856
By Tokyotoots

La Fail

Cleverbot FAIL french grammar nazi - 4194414336
By disco_stu70s

We Are Legion

Cleverbot - 5423440896
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