Art of Trolling

Cleverbot Is the Real Troll Here

black-eyed peas Cleverbot Music - 4668350976
By lordzzzz

Well That Escalated Quickly...

well that escalated quickly nelson mandela Cleverbot - 7113003264
By Sian

Not sure if Cleverbot doesn't know knock knock jokes...or just plain trolling

door shower Cleverbot knock knock jokes - 6990775296
By Dark-Koopa-Sorcerer

I Hear It's Good For The Pores

Cleverbot innuendo naughty - 4692736768
By Unknown


Cleverbot combo breaker funny - 7029330944
By Unknown

Forever Alone Gets Freaky With Cleverbot

Cleverbot sexytimes wtf - 5584617984
By EvilFefe

Slim Pickins

Cleverbot crushes friends legs puns rude ugly - 4522342400
By Unknown

Shock and Awe!

Cleverbot delicious drowning fish food - 4499034624
By Unknown

La Fail

Cleverbot FAIL french grammar nazi - 4194414336
By disco_stu70s


forever alone mean Cleverbot - 7096719360
By Unknown

What Was I Thinking???

Cleverbot math - 7061168128
By jtdgreat

Huh-What? Okay...

Cleverbot france - 4241189888
By Unknown

Cleverbot Has a Mental Breakdown

pi Cleverbot - 7387302400
By WeegeeFett

Cleverbot Wars

Harry Potter avada kedavra Cleverbot - 4261942272
By Unknown

Friendzone Level: Cleverbot

Cleverbot forever alone friends like - 6039658496
By cablez0r

Run! Escape!

Cleverbot escape mormons run video games - 4394113280
By hahayourface