Tanks for the Freedom

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12 years old terrarium cool video

Life Inside Of A 12-Year-Old Terrarium

Pretty stunning stuff.
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Man Applies for Head Coaching Job and Cites His Video Game Prowess in Madden as Experience

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Viral Video of the Day: Man Riding a Bike on a Swing is 'Murica

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Alaskan Students Are Badass

they're badass until they get frostbite
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And You Thought Soccer Wasn't Rough Enough

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A road rager picks on a motorcycle driver, driver takes petty revenge | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Fluffy-Designer Small motorbike vs small waves pinky finger should preface this by saying raised by narcissist and extremely passive-aggressive as result. Years ago bought my first motorbike tiny 125CC bike with my 82kg body weight, could barely do 90km/h on flat road and would lose speed going up hills despite revving as hard as could my first motorbike and loved her with my whole heart.

Road Rager Picks On Motorcycle, Rider Gets Revenge

That dude achieved a whole new shade of rage purple.
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