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This Kid Dresses Better Than You Ever Will

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Countries That Just Don't Care

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The Open Roads of America

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Happy Anniversary, Dear...

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The Keurig for Beer

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A blessed Tumblr post about how adorable wolves are | thewugtest if youve never physically been presence like real live wolf, and probably wont get chance heres some stuff about them should know wolf's fur is so unbelievably thick can get like whole hand into while petting. and then can keep going

Blessed Tumblr Post On Wolves

Wonder if this applies to direwolves.
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The Most American Sunset Ever

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The Only Thing Cooler, Is if it Was Driven By Eagles

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Which of these US. Presidents appeared on the television series Laugh In? Lyndon Johnson Jimmy Carter Richard Nixon Gerald Ford

John Carpenter Wins "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", Calls Dad, Feels Ensue

He was the show's first winner!
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Beers of the World Cup

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The Most 'Merican Van of All Time

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A knowledgable boss is underestimated and proceeds to win tech support. | r/talesfromtechsupport u/syninthecity 17h sometimes need stroke 1 2 4 1 3 1 1 day my boss won Tech Support. Medium mostly lurk, but this..this boys, girls and enbie friends this story had be told. Some minor context do software support thing 's used by essentially everyone may go call with mom and pop running everything on an underpowered ancient SBS 11 multinational running ten thousand server instances their own cloud

Knowledgable Boss Is Underestimated, Proceeds To Win Tech Support

Some bosses are actually pretty good at their jobs.
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Company won't hire an employee directly and they end up living to regret it.

Company Won't Hire Employee Directly, They Live To Regret It

A literal professional revenge.
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What Are You Thinking About?

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A funny Tumblr post about how kids should be able to play with Barbies and toy trucks | fallen-angel-with--shotgun went Renaissance faire dressed as warrior. Thad real sword with too standing character) next sword-fighting ring, where kids all ages got chance pick up sword and challenge champion. Some woman walks by, with her little girl girl starts walking towards ring, saying she wants fight. But mom pulled her away hella sharply, and like s boys.

Tumblr Thread: Anyone Can Be A Formidable Foe

This is so true.
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