The Taste of Freedom

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A collection of tweets about people's real life plot twists.

People's Real Life Plot Twists

Life loves keep us on our toes.
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The Most American Sunset Ever

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Guy feeds the crows, so the crows get back at bully neighbors for him | r/pettyrevenge u/tempthethrowaway Feathered Friends High Places Not sure if this belongs here, so let know ok? TL;DR: Had issues with neighbor over parking. Local crows l'd made friends with vandalized his cars retaliation. So background day moved into this apartment complex our across hall neighbors started bullying us. Why parked handicap spot next sidewalk building. Why handicapped.

Guy Feeds Crows, Crows Get Back At Bully Neighbors For Him

Crows can be awesome.
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Get Ready USA!

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Company won't hire an employee directly and they end up living to regret it.

Company Won't Hire Employee Directly, They Live To Regret It

A literal professional revenge.
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cracked video about the phenomena of finding porn magazines in the woods | buy a stack of playboys wander the woods and forests of this great country drop them for children to find

The Secret Rite Of Passage Only Known To People Born Before 1990

What a ride.
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32 Seconds in Dempsey Scores!!

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Welcome to the Future of America

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Get on the Beer Boat!

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The Keurig for Beer

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Going Out in Style

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Alaskan Students Are Badass

they're badass until they get frostbite
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Friends' bookstore idea starts out all cheery, and then just keeps on going | Leanne Brown @LanLanLanBan couple nights ago couldn't sleep because spent three hours imagining myself owning bookshop also sold baked goods. 20:19 08/08/2016 Twitter iPhone ili View Tweet activity 2 Likes Jasmine @_JAZZ 09/08/2016 v Replying LanLanLanBan Leanne reckon this is viable business option and l'd like us pursue dream together

Friends' Bookstore Idea Starts Out Positive, Keeps On Going

Well, this is unreasonably adorable.
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Patriots Are Always in Style

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