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33 Memes For Millennials Pushing 40

It's coming
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A compilation of doctor and medical student themed memes

Doctor Memes For Medical Professionals

Going to the doctor can be incredibly un-fun. You have to get poked and prodded by a total stranger, all while divulging way too specific details about your life. No thank you. When I was a kid, I hated going to the doctor and got so worked up that I threw up on my pediatrician every time I went. I wasn't even going to the doctor for nausea related reasons, my doctor just had such bad vibes, I had to throw up in his direction. Sure, going to the doctor sucks, but is it more fun to be the doctor…
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Selfish CEO Asks Employees To Donate Their PTO To Loyal 17-Year Employee

Why can't he...nevermind
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22 Dumbest Dr Phil Memes to Mourn the Ending of the Controversial Talk Show

The end of an era
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People Share Some of the Funniest Ways to Harmlessly Mess With People

Everyone loves a good prank.
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A Smooth Ride on a Road of Memes

No Teslas allowed
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People roast redditor for relationship problem, expects to be

Delusional Husband Demands Wife Introduce Him As Pilot Despite Having Zero Piloting Experience

Listen, everyone has a dream. Lucky people have passions. But not everyone is lucky enough to do what they love, or even pursue it professionally. So we're stuck doing jobs like writing for a content mill or working as the manager of a f ast food restaurant. The latter happens to be the case for an especially insane redditor, who took to the site (in a now-deleted post) to ask for help from avgeeks and pilots with a very p eculiar relationship problem. The redditor explains that while he works…
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History Memes That Use the Bad Old Days as a Punchline

When I was a sullen teenager with a vintage clothing addiction and an ever-growing record collection, I would often find myself thinking “I wasn't made for these times.” I likened myself to an old soul - world-weary and wise, with a timeless charm and worldly intellect. While some of this is probably thanks to living in New York City, a cultural mecca of sorts, I was also just…dumb. What times did I really think I was made for? The Great Depression? Did I think I would be better suited to the d…
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The Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (February 2, 2023)

Isn't it wild that so many popular ideas about parenting came from one dude? I'm talking, of course, about Dr. Spock. No, no Dr. Spock from Star Trek, but the Dr. Spock who wrote the most influential book about parenting of the 20th century. The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care revolutionized child care in the 1940s and 1950s and taught parents to see their children as individuals, all with their own individual needs. Before Spock, parenting books told parents to do everything on a rigi…
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Lifestyle TikToker Gets Mocked for Bizarre Refrigerator Makeover

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A compilation of funny and random memes

A Plate of Memes To Pick Through

Supernanny is a TV show about children who will not eat their dinner. Well, at least that's one of the main behavior issues the titular Supernanny Jo deals with when going into the homes of American families. I loved watching Supernanny as a kid. Much like Wife Swap and Maury I was obsessed with watching families on TV that were far more dysfunctional than mine could ever be. I looked at that 8-year-old on Supernanny with contempt, thinking, “I'm eight too, and I would never act like this. That…
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Funniest throwback nostalgia memes for millennials

An Entire ‘Invader Zim’ Backpack Worth of the Best Memes from This Week to Satisfy Millennials' Nostalgic Funny Bone (February 2, 2023)

30 is the new 13! So please don't give us the responsibility of doing our own taxes...
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21 Wine Memes For Sommeliers

Very fancy
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Entitled Customer Whines About Being Shortchanged, Forfeits Getting Extra

She played herself
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Groundhog Day Memes To Help You Get Through Six More Weeks of Winter

Why Punxsutawney Phil? Why?
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fresh and funny tweets

Fresh Tweets We Fished From the Bird App (February 2, 2023)

Greetings, Internet users and abusers. It's another day on the beautiful, chaotic, and often cringey world wide web. The Internet is a problematic place, filled with unpleasantries, and the same memes being posted over and over again. But what would we do without it? For starters, I wouldn't have a job. All the conveniences we've grown so used to (and cost so much) would be gone - our smartphones rendered nearly useless. We'd be back to basics. And maybe we'd be happier. But as much as we gripe…
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