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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Honestly a lot, but that's not what your looking for. Whether it's a morning surprise or a wonderful piece of teak furniture, you'll find all you ever wanted to hear about wood.

Way to Go, Josh!

wood web comics - 8160589568
Via Bizarro Comics

Yes, She Wood

bones Harry Potter hermione ron wood - 5550854400
Created by itroitnyah

Sometimes You Gotta Axe Yourself The Tough Questions

yikes axes wood web comics - 8293999104
Via Channel Ate

Every Time This Happens In Naruto

wood TV naruto - 7070924544
Created by Valkur90

Stiff Competition

feels wood doctor who cartoons - 7149964032
Created by omnytamer

What Would Johnny Say?

dat ass ed edd & eddy ed-edd-eddy wood - 6547299840
Created by Unknown