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celebutard fry meme futurama justin bieber troll - 5048038144
Created by TEAM_STAR_PUG

Lohan in the Dungeon

Harry Potter lindsay lohan troll - 5006379264
Created by prettymuchawesome


kanye troll - 2644321280
Created by cometdancer


hygiene magic the internets troll - 4274983168
See all captions Created by gegy.hoop

Trolling Tom Riddle

Harry Potter troll voldemort - 4990270464
Via funnyjunk.com

Gosh Darnit, Dufresne!

From the Movies Movie troll - 6265932544
Created by pinnysvein

She's All Upside-Down

troll TV - 5017264384
Created by Unknown

You're Finest Bottle, Sir

bar bottle sir the internets troll - 5201685248
Created by Unknown

Yup. OK. That's a Troll

Harry Potter hermione troll - 4994575872
Created by CrashLove37

Sweet Justice

best of week car parking the internets troll - 6356108544
Created by Unknown

Troll Physics

comic physics problem the internets troll u mad - 5550292992
Created by itroitnyah

Let's Hope for the Former

english the internets troll - 4676088832
See all captions Created by Rose412100

Troll Mr Bean

TV troll actor mr bean - 6189529344
Created by Unknown

Better Than Expected

Nailed It the internets troll - 5229213952
Created by Hani.os

Facebook Troll

facebook From the Movies Mark Zuckerberg note troll - 4821376256
Created by Suicimoth

Beware Ye' Troll Threads

From the Movies Pirates of the Caribbean troll - 5095052544
Via fuckyeahalbuquerque.tumblr.com