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Trolling Tom Riddle

Harry Potter troll voldemort - 4990270464
Via funnyjunk.com

Troll Dawkins

boys debate english pedo troll TV - 6093190144
Created by demertzi ( Via www.youtube.com )

Frankentroll DGAF

frankenstein From the Movies monster rage troll - 4866161664
See all captions Created by TheSnake


Boromir cave Lord of the Rings puns the internet the internets troll - 4284311296
See all captions Created by Unknown


celebutard internets michael jackson puns skin the internets troll - 4254405120
Created by woah.o_o

This Is Long Overdue...

Music internet troll - 6745961216
Created by bryannn29


hygiene magic the internets troll - 4274983168
See all captions Created by gegy.hoop

Sweet Justice

best of week car parking the internets troll - 6356108544
Created by Unknown

I Said One Day

dwight false flies the internets troll - 5883727104
Created by Cubonator

Hunger Trolls

best of week From the Movies hunger games Movie troll your mom - 6068713216
Created by NJS

That's Science, Yo!

space stars the internets troll - 4677022464
See all captions Created by shant1k

Troll Voldemort

Harry Potter indestructible troll voldemort - 5802292224
Created by Jmdjorgeek

Yup. OK. That's a Troll

Harry Potter hermione troll - 4994575872
Created by CrashLove37

Don't Do It

google image search gross the internet troll - 4526972672
Created by 7r1bu73

Parents...Y U Look?

computer pr0n staph troll - 6619796736
Created by ARusso64

Lohan in the Dungeon

Harry Potter lindsay lohan troll - 5006379264
Created by prettymuchawesome
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