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Resident Troll

troll video games win - 4824301568
Created by Unknown

Troll Bed

beds sleeping the internets troll waking up - 6308200448
Created by samhoffman

Troll Physics

comic physics problem the internets troll u mad - 5550292992
Created by itroitnyah


animals elephants loch ness monster lol troll - 4390793472
See all captions Created by edshot83

Problem, Executioner?

legos problem the internets troll u mad - 5443234048
Created by Jakester44

Troll Mr Bean

TV troll actor mr bean - 6189529344
Created by Unknown

Yup. OK. That's a Troll

Harry Potter hermione troll - 4994575872
Created by CrashLove37

Troll Train

train troll - 6621775104
Created by ManicShorty


africa cars elephant real life troll wtf - 4517506560
Created by Unknown

Troll Pooh

cartoons pun troll TV - 6396800000
Created by Unknown

Hunger Trolls

best of week From the Movies hunger games Movie troll your mom - 6068713216
Created by NJS


kanye troll - 2644321280
Created by cometdancer

Frankentroll DGAF

frankenstein From the Movies monster rage troll - 4866161664
See all captions Created by TheSnake

Got Your Nose!

Harry Potter troll voldemort - 5733390848
Created by Unknown

And Then She Just Leaves...

facebook From the Movies horse social network troll - 4693474560
Created by TFace

You're Finest Bottle, Sir

bar bottle sir the internets troll - 5201685248
Created by Unknown
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