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Star Wars, history's greatest science fiction series, and a timeless classic with enough Jar Jar quotes to wish you could forget. Enjoy the best puns and jokes from a Galaxy Far Far Away and take your humor interstellar.

To Be Fair, That Instant Meatloaf Was a Key Plot Development

web comics luke skywalker To Be Fair, That Instant Meatloaf Was a Key Plot Development
Via epicstream

They Must Have Their Mother's Hair

darth vader Father justin beiber Luke star wars - 4866613760
Created by IvanHorvat

Finally Getting Back at Dad

star wars darth vader web comics - 8134269184
Via Ubertool Comic

If Only The Ships Had Some Ewoks On Them

star wars pirates stormtrooper web comics - 8300742400
Via Ninja and Pirate


language star wars the force updog Xzibit yoda - 4335580928
See all captions Created by Ziziky

Plus It Was 1979, So You Didn't Have a Targeting Computer

snow funny star wars weather web comics - 7889259264
Via Minimumble

But, you promised cookies!

star wars cookies funny darth vader - 7764229888
Created by Sandy_Sunball

I Sure Wish Someone Would See It With Me

star wars spoiler sad guy
Via iraffiruse

What a Freaking Genius Emperor We Got Here

darth vader Emperor Palpatine star wars toast web comics - 8428374528
Via Wilbert Yarns


aging beauty doctor who secrets star wars the internets Time Lords yoda - 4410844672
See all captions Created by Junglecat20

Sonic Wars

george lucas star wars sonic - 7080592128
Created by Unknown

Feared In Every Language

darth vader name star wars - 4965747456
Created by ike-el-angelo

Seems Like a Pretty Essential Thing

web comics tree house star wars Seems Like a Pretty Essential Thing
Via plancomic

Well, He's Loyal

star wars web comics Well, He's Loyal
Via theobscuregentlemen


animals awesome dogs reaction guys star wars - 3479478528
See all captions Created by b00geyman

I've Already Seen It Twice!

funny web comics christmas vs star wars
Via izayabell
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