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No Time for Puns, There's Work to Be Done

web comics puns pirates No Time for Puns, There's Work to Be Done
Via tubeytoons

Nobody's Right, If Everybody's Wrong

pirates british people funny donkeys - 7638039040
By TuckerBentley


From the Movies funny Johnny Depp jokes pirates puns - 4160866816
See all captions By Mordeir

Not Amused

fashion guns joke pirates Pirates of the Caribbean puns - 4497756416
See all captions By TTTERocks

He's a Ruff Captain, But Loyal to His Men

dogs treasure pirates web comics - 8104049664
By _Elizabeth_ (Via Mr. Lovenstein)

Classic: Pirate Humor

bad joke Movie pirates - 4312424192
See all captions By hentron


admiral ackbar babes couch fap From the Movies mon calamari pirates star wars - 4047814400
See all captions By lostfan123

Peg Legs Are Dope

cool pirates scrubs TV - 6396715776
By Unknown

Are Those Waterproof?

web comics puns pirates Are Those Waterproof?
Via gocomics
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