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A Pirate's Curse

diabetes pirates sad but true web comics - 8377021696
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Precisely Why I Don't Try to Pirate Air Bud

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Classic: Pirate Humor

bad joke Movie pirates - 4312424192
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Are Those Waterproof?

web comics puns pirates Are Those Waterproof?
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Not Amused

fashion guns joke pirates Pirates of the Caribbean puns - 4497756416
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If Only The Ships Had Some Ewoks On Them

star wars pirates stormtrooper web comics - 8300742400
Via Ninja and Pirate

Nobody's Right, If Everybody's Wrong

pirates british people funny donkeys - 7638039040
By TuckerBentley

Peg Legs Are Dope

cool pirates scrubs TV - 6396715776
By Unknown

Oh God, I'll Have to Become a Pirate

From the Movies hands pirates - 6368484096
By masterfeja


From the Movies funny Johnny Depp jokes pirates puns - 4160866816
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He's a Ruff Captain, But Loyal to His Men

dogs treasure pirates web comics - 8104049664
By _Elizabeth_ (Via Mr. Lovenstein)

Clearly Lost His Hand for Saying 'Octopi' Back in the Day

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A Pirate's Most Valuable Treasure

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Pirate Dad Advice

birds eggs kids pirates parenting web comics - 8313101056
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admiral ackbar babes couch fap From the Movies mon calamari pirates star wars - 4047814400
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Dwight is a Buzzkill

dwight schrute Johnny Depp jokes lol pirates puns - 4472028672
By cc35
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