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Please, Not the Vacuum!

cat kill me now pets vacuum - 6805906432
By lizzyC

My Cat Is so Clever

laptop sitting pets cute - 6355292928

Dog Sleeping Positions

pets sleep - 7080020480
Via Emlz

I Regret Nothing

animals best of week bird chocolate funny Memes omg pets - 5885667584
By meganeguard

Look How Loved You Are Now!

web comics pets commercial Look How Loved You Are Now!
Via anchovyicecream

How Can I Ever Trust You, Rover?!

pets web comics - 8053952256
Via asperusualcomics

Miss Dolittle

cat wtf pets - 6901001984
Via Pleated Jeans

It's an Endless Cycle

web comics pets seats It's an Endless Cycle
Via assorted-color-flavors

Sorry, This Sink Is Taken...

taken cat pets sink sleeping - 6717660672
By djcat595

A Dog's Desires

dogs pets web comics - 8107027712
By _Elizabeth_ (Via Invisible Bread)

Every Time You Are Busy Not Trying to Pet Your Cat

Cats pets web comics - 8306501120
Via Sarah See Andersen

What Would Happen If I Ever Became a Veterinarian

pets web comics - 8080536576
Via Pleated Jeans

Bad Parents

gender pets parenting web comics - 8431139584
Via Robot Hugs
pie charts about what you pet is doing with a humorous tone

Use These Hilarious Pie Charts To Learn More About Your Pet

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It Sure is a Grower

wtf pets funny web comics - 7858222848
Via Philosophy of a Knife

Excuse Me, Can You Get Control of Your Human?

web comics pets fight Excuse Me, Can You Get Control of Your Human?
Via thingsinsquares