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We Could Take Him on a Walk... Oh, Right

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Every Time You Are Busy Not Trying to Pet Your Cat

Cats pets web comics - 8306501120
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Start The Car!

cat sign pets car vet - 6957912064
By djcat595

Dog Sleeping Positions

pets sleep - 7080020480
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Misunderstood Rats

rats pets misunderstood - 7135637760
By Unknown

What Would Happen If I Ever Became a Veterinarian

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It's Fine Fido, I Didn't Need to Move Tonight

dogs bed pets sleeping - 8599994880
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garfield comics that help for Christmas

20 Comics That Prove Garfield Is Getting Ready For Christmas Too

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It Sure is a Grower

wtf pets funny web comics - 7858222848
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By Unknown

Miss Dolittle

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It's an Endless Cycle

web comics pets seats It's an Endless Cycle
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My Cat Is so Clever

laptop sitting pets cute - 6355292928

A Dog's Desires

dogs pets web comics - 8107027712
By _Elizabeth_ (Via Invisible Bread)
Web comics about Cats and Men switching rules

What Would Happen If Cats And Humans Switched Roles

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Pets and Owners Look Alike

pets Photo TV - 6632707584
By Khyloa
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